The Illinois Radio Reader Service

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A free radio service for the blind and visually impaired community of east central Illinois.


an Illinois Radio Reader volunteer reading a book into a microphone 300 N. Goodwin Ave.  Urbana IL. 61801
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Coordinator Kathie Spegal (电子邮件)

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Celebrating our 40th Anniversary!

Forty years of caring, sharing and over-the-airing with the reading impaired community.

What does IRR broadcast?

A free program guide is available by contacting IRR. The following is every weekday:

  • Decatur Herald and Review and Decatur Tribune
  • Bloomington-Normal Pantagraph
  • Champaign-Urbana 新闻 Gazette
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Vermilion County 新闻 (Commercial 新闻)
  • Grocery and drugstore ads