upcoming shows


Toma Caragiu Theatre, Ploiesti
12, 28.10. 2018 - 18.30

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

Ecxelsior Theatre Bucharest
24.10.2018 - 19.00

Mon Cabaret Noir

Teatrelli/ Creart, Bucharest
2, 3. 11.2018 - 19.00

Cartea Junglei

The Jungle Book

German State Theatre Timisoara
2.11.2018 - 11.00, 19.30
3.11.2018 - 18.00



Razvan Mazilu is the complete artist who has established contemporary dance, dance-theatre and musical as popular forms of expression, among large audience in Romania.
As a performer, director, choreographer or scriptwriter, Razvan Mazilu approaches as easily various styles and roles – from contemporary dance to theatre, from classics to musical, from cabaret to opera – as long as he remains faithful to his own nature: that of a genuine artist.

From the early 90s, Razvan Mazilu has been consistently active on both Romanian stages and abroad, equally as performer, director and choreographer.

Since the beginning of his career, he has been granted many national and international awards, the most notable being:

UNITER Award, granted by The National Theatre Union in Romania (UNITER) -2007

Order of Cultural Merit with the rank of Knight, granted by the Presidency of Romania – 2004

Prix de L’Association du Rayonement de l’Opera National de Paris, Prix d’Interpretation at the International Dance Competition, Paris – 1996.


Director / Choreographer

– The most important productions –

  • THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Comic Opera for Chldren, 2018
  • ZARAZA, Toma Caragiu Theatre, Ploiesti, 2018
  • OUR LADIES OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR, Excelsior Theatre, 2017
  • THE JUNGLE BOOK, German State Theatre, Timișoara, 2017
  • WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, National Theatre of Targu Mures, 2016
  • MON CABARET NOIR, Teatrelli/Creart, 2015
  • GLORIOUS !, Comedy Theatre, 2015
  • WEST SIDE STORY, National Theatre Festival, UNITER, Odeon Theatre, 2014
  • CABARET, German State Theatre, Timişoara, 2014
  • SARAIMAN, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2013
  • THE FULL MONTY, National Theatre Timișoara, 2011
  • WHEN ISADORA DANCED, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2012
  • WHEN ISADORA DANCED, Meli Theatre, Athens, Greece 2009
  • REMEMBER, National Theatre Timișoara, 2009
  • BLOCK BACH, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2007
  • URBAN KISS, Operetta National Theatre, Bucharest, 2007
  • UN TANGO MAS, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2006
  • MARLENE, Tehnis Theatre, Athens, Greece, 2005
  • THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, Odeon Theatre Bucharest 2004
  • THE BLUE ANGEL, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2001
  • COPPELIA, National Opera House, Timisora, 1999
  • TALK TO ME LIKE THE RAIN AND LET ME LISTEN, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 1997
  • THE LADY OF THE CAMELLIAS, National Theatre Bucharest, 1995



– The most important productions –

  • MON CABARET NOIR, Teatrelli/Creart, 2015
  • SARAIMAN, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2013
  • REQUIEM. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME, perfoRM Foundation, JTI, 2011
  • JULIUS CAESAR, National Theatre Timisoara, 2010
  • DEPECHE//DANCE, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2010
  • FLASHBACK, movingtheatre.de, Cologne, Germany, 2009
  • REMEMBER, National Theatre Timisoara, 2009
  • SHADOWS OF LIGHT, one-man-show, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2008
  • URBAN KISS, Operetta National Theatre, Bucharest, 2008
  • BLOCK BACH, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2007
  • BROADWAY – BUCHAREST, Operetta National Theatre, Bucharest, 2007
  • UN TANGO MAS, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2006
  • SYMPHONIE FANTASTIQUE, National Opera House, Bucharest, 2006
  • SELL ME! , one-man-show, Prometheus Club, Bucharest, 2005
  • THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2004
  • THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA, National Opera House, Bucharest, 2003
  • BOLERO. I LOST THE KING, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 2002
  • THE RED AND THE BLACK, National Opera House, Bucharest, 2000
  • ANNA KARENINA, National Opera House, Bucharest, 1998
  • PLAYING SHAKESPEARE, one-man-show, National Theatre Bucharest, 1997





While pioneering in many areas of contemporary performing arts, Razvan Mazilu has always considered philantropic projects as a key responsibility. As a generous artist, he has initiated many charity projects over the years, in the benefit of various categories of people in need of support.


Razvan Mazilu launches “REQUIEM. You know nothing about me”, a special performance, in which Razvan Mazilu dances alongside one of the most famous dancers and choreographers from Japan, Motoko Hirayama, on the music of celebrated composer Karl Jenkins. Following a national tour in Romania’s most important cities, all proceeds from the ticket sale are donated by special corporate partner Japan Tobacco International to the victims of the 2011 earthquake in Fukushima, Japan.


Razvan Mazilu launches “Razvan Mazilu. Oglinzi/MIRRORS” a premium photographic album showcasing some of the most spectacular of Mazilu’s dance shows. All proceeds from the sale of the photo album are offered by Razvan Mazilu as scholarships to young promising dancers in Romania, through his not-for-profit foundation, PERFORM Foundation. The album was produced by Vellant Editing House (www.vellant.ro). Orders can be placed at office@fundatiaperform.ro or http://www.vellant.ro


Razvan Mazilu launches cultural and social responsibility project DANCE ENERGY, dedicated to professional dance schools in Romania. In three consecutive years (2007, 2008 and 2009), renowned international and local artists gathered on the stage of the National Opera in Bucharest. The charity gallas “Razvan Mazilu and Friends” offered inspiration and material support to the young dancers in the ballet schools in Romania. All revenues from ticket sales were donated to choreography schools in Bucharest and Iasi. This way, young students in Bucharest benefited from contemporary dance workshops with international professors,
they were donated collections of dance DVDs, a new piano or a new sound system necessary for their performances, while those in Iasi had their ballet study rooms completely refurbished and equipped.








Email: razvan@razvan-mazilu.com
Address: Odeon Theatre 40-42, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania

Photos by

Andrei Runcanu, Maria Stefanescu, Mihaela Marin, Dani Ionita, Cristian Boldisteanu, Iulian Ignat, Ovidiu Ciba, Bogdan Chesaru, Cornel Lazia, Dinu Lazar, Egyed Ufo Zoltan, Mihai Benea, Cristina Gânj, Ovidiu Zimcea